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ITAD - IT Asset Disposition

The ITAD Works are specialists in the management of hardware change and IT asset disposition.

Here to help you manage hardware deployment, moves and changes, and disposal of your technology right through to processing, remarketing and recycling.  

Hardware change is inevitable – and it can be a complex, costly process. We work with clients to deliver the opportunities that hardware change can present. The ITAD Works operate in an environment where compliance and security can’t be compromised and budgets are finite.

We have established systems and processes to manage IT Asset Disposition for new, used and retired hardware. Our innovative methods are becoming increasingly important as compliance, security and financial constraints demand more and more attention at the board room table.

Our selection of IT Asset Disposition services will provide the solutions to help your organisation manage technology change. Services can be implemented individually for specific requirements or combined to deliver a full end-to-end lifecycle solution.

We use Streams®, our robust, sophisticated and scalable technology platform to automate processing remove all regulatory and corporate risk, ensure service level agreements and geographical standardisation.

The ITAD Works is all about the ‘best’ re-positioning of hardware assets as their value and purpose changes within your business. However, it’s all about managing the re-positioning intelligently and in a controlled way so that it’s repeatable, measurable and scalable.

We develop strong connections with our customers that create lasting, step-change improvements in the way IT Asset Disposition is managed.  From Asset Deployment and Asset Recovery right through to WEEE Recycling, The ITAD Works team will always find a solution for your new, used and retired technology.

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