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20 November 2013

by Robin Gue, Chairman of The ITAD Works

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The ITAD Works becomes the first European business to be awarded e-Stewards Certification

The ITAD Works becomes the first European business to be awarded e-Stewards Global Electronics Recycling Certification

IT Asset Disposition Company Accredited by the World’s Leading IT Recycling Standard

Cranleigh, Surrey, United Kingdom, 20th November 2013 – The ITAD Works Ltd announced today that it is the first organisation accredited as an e-Stewards® Certified Recycler specifically for its European operations. The e-Stewards certification is recognised worldwide as the most comprehensive standard for the safe, secure, legal and globally responsible disposal of electronic waste (e-waste).

Chairman of The ITAD Works, Robin Gue commented, “The ITAD Works is proud to have been recognised with e-Stewards certification. Our clients have the assurance that the rigorous due diligence required to audit us has been done for them. The e-Stewards Standard requires mandatory adherence to ethical and responsible recycling and is enforced by industry experts. A key part of our client engagement is that we become accountable and responsible for significant risks and liabilities as equipment reaches its end-of-life. The standard ensures good practice and downstream accountability on an ongoing basis.”

e-Stewards recyclers go through rigorous third-party audits to demonstrate they operate a recycling management system that is in conformity with all laws, including the Basel Convention. The fully transparent audits require e-Stewards recyclers to demonstrate the safe and secure handling of all hazardous e-waste materials throughout the recycling chain, which ensures no hazardous e-waste is able to harm either human health or the environment. As well as the assurance of the safe disposal of materials, data protection is also guaranteed through stringent requirements for chain-of-custody and data destruction.

The Basel Action Network (BAN), a non-profit organisation focused on preventing irresponsible trade of toxic waste, created the e-Stewards certification. Executive Director of BAN, Jim Puckett, commented, “Obtaining e-Stewards certification demonstrates that The ITAD Works Ltd has a continued commitment to globally responsible electronics recycling. As the first e-Stewards Recycler in Europe, The ITAD Works Ltd brings the highest e-waste standard for environmental stewardship to their customers.”

The ITAD Works is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified, a fully licensed WEEE business, ADISA certified with distinction for secure asset disposition, and a Microsoft registered Refurbisher.

About The ITAD Works Ltd.

The ITAD Works Ltd delivers a comprehensive Asset Recovery solution that collects, transports, protects, sanitises and dispositions equipment with a controlled, automated processes.

Its Sustainable Computing objectives prioritise asset re-use where possible, reducing environmental impact by minimising recycling activity. Granular evidence of compliance and audit ability is an essential requirement to continuance of its e-Stewards® accreditation. All downstream processes are audited, transparent, reportable and measurable. At The ITAD Works Ltd, no electronic or electrical waste is sent to landfill. For more information, see: www.theitadworks.com.

About e-Stewards® Certification

The e-Stewards® Initiative is a market-based solution to help individuals and organizations identify and promote those electronics recyclers that ensure that used electronics are managed with the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. e-Stewards Certified Recyclers are audited and certified to ensure highest levels of responsibility and e-Stewards Enterprises are major corporations, municipalities or institutions that agree to make best efforts to make use of e-Stewards Certified Recyclers. For more information about the e-Stewards Initiative visit: www.e-Stewards.org or blog.e-Stewards.org, and follow @e-Stewards on Twitter.

About Basel Action Network

Founded in 1997, the Basel Action Network is a 501(c)3 charitable organization of the United States, based in Seattle, WA. BAN is the world's only organization focused on confronting the global environmental justice and economic inefficiency of toxic trade and its devastating impacts. Today, BAN serves as the information clearinghouse on the subject of waste trade for journalists, academics, and the general public. Through its investigations, BAN uncovered the tragedy of hazardous electronic waste dumping in developing countries. For more information, see www.BAN.org or blog.BAN.org.



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