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Stakeholder Engagement

The ITAD Works is constantly striving to deliver innovation to the Stakeholders who are responsible for key business areas.

Our services are designed to connect with the individual requirements of each Stakeholder to ensure our services can be measured easily AND that we can support our customers wider corporate goals for IT.

IT Finance, Operations & Asset Management

Improvement of the lifecycle management of IT assets, from procurement planning, to operational service delivery and disposition, including:

  • How asset optimisation can deliver significant ROI
  • Developing a business culture that accelerates the release reusable IT assets
  • Analysis of the impact of un-integrated supply-chains on lifecycle expense and corporate risk

Data, Information and Asset Security

All aspects of process and policy relating to the management of data and data-bearing technology, including:

  • Data destruction methodologies, changes in the regulatory landscape and rapidly changing technology
  • Privacy and the policy landscape
  • Risk management, quantification, elimination and mitigation
  • Audit controls and standards
  • Operational process development, including controls and measurement

E-Waste, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability

Maximise the strategic benefits of Sustainable Computing:

  • The evolving landscape of environmental legislation
  • E-waste accountability and support for sustainability reporting
  • Leveraging unwanted assets for community and social benefits
  • Protecting and building a brand with a focus on sustainability