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Asset Recovery

At The ITAD Works, we work with our customers to construct a solution that optimises the value of all assets - across all hardware platforms. Our Asset Recovery services are designed to meet the objectives of all Stakeholders - driving value, security sustainability and Return On Investment, through our solutions.

Our services are governed by the highest security, environmental and ethical standards and legislation. We achieve reliability and efficiency by automating complex decision-making, streamlining asset recovery, standardising processes and providing expertise when and where you need it most.

Maximising opportunity, improving value... ITAD that works

The ITAD Works Asset Recovery solutions are demonstrably more secure and produce significantly more value than traditional IT Asset Disposal. We use  technology to control the process. We use in-house logistics to protect the value and we use automation to ensure all assets are optimised fully - without risk to your brand.

  • Rigorous logistical control -  reconciliation, verification and tracking of each asset by job, custodian and location - in real-time.
  • Automated data erasure - on and off-site - supported by approved destruction tools
  • Clear auditable chain-of-custody - all assets tracked and reported - from logistics, through asset inventory and into final disposition
  • Value-appropriate servicing - driven by Streams® decision-tree and automated Fair Market Value calculations
  • The industry's highest standards for sustainable electronic recycling - e-Stewards® certified