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Client Support & Reporting

The ITAD Works makes day-to-day engagement simple. Our Client Support team handle the planning and execution of your asset management requirements, deliver bespoke reporting and analysis and provide expert insight when you need it.

The ITAD Works management reporting gives you the visibility you need to optimise your ITAD program.

Measures program value and SLA success

Inventory and deployment tools

Financial reports show you the value derived

Compliance and data security certification

Sustainability and  environmental and social impact


We drive value back into your business and deliver consistent compliance to your standards - using a level of expertise few organisations possess.



  • On-line service centre allows you to initiate work-streams and track progress in real-time.
  • Automated communication presents asset and data security information at a granular level.
  • Client support team deliver analysis, subject-matter expertise and  custom reporting
  • Management information that will enhance hardware and software asset management and eliminate unnecessary maintenance and software license costs on decommissioned equipment
  • Data integration with IT asset management systems — in multiple formats through a variety of technical architectures