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Disposition Options

The ITAD Works Disposition Services help companies generate increased benefits from their idled and decommissioned IT assets by converting surplus IT into tangible value.

Our customers routinely benefit from capital expenditure avoidance, optimised resale recovery, powerful donation programs, simplified end-of-lease and manufacturer returns and sustainable and responsible disposal. Services include:

Standard dispositions

All Asset Recovery solutions include the follow disposition services as a standard:

Used equipment deployment

Extending the hardware lifecycle delivers big cost savings. The ITAD Works ensures that new equipment is only deployed when used, re-refurbished equipment is not available or is inappropriate. Our web-based stock management tools mean that you can plan and predict hardware supply against the businesses demands.

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Take a look at how donation programs positively contribute to Sustainable Computing



The ITAD Works Donation service streamlines the process for channelling surplus IT equipment to support charities, schools and government initiatives. IT equipment is refurbished to near-new condition, pre-installed with specially licensed Microsoft Windows operating system and Office software, and delivered in your name to a charity of your choice. An ITAD Works warranty is included. You get all of the credit and none of the overhead.