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Asset Recycling

All large businesses have policies that require responsible electronics recycling and in Europe this is regulated by the WEEE Directive.

Government bodies like the Environment Agency are struggling to implement effective policing and unethical recyclers are taking advantage by making promises they have no intention of keeping.

The ITAD Works has established the industry’s highest standards for sustainable electronic recycling - standards that fully protect our customers and the environment.


For our customers, monitoring IT asset disposal compliance is an opportunity to deliver a robust compliance program that positively contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Computing targets.

When e-waste recycling is the only option, we do it better - and more responsibly - than anyone else in the world... ITAD that works.

Responsible e-waste recycling

The ITAD Works is a fully licensed WEEE business. Our in-house de-manufacturing process separates equipment into raw material streams that are further refined for re-entry into the manufacturing lifecycle through certified specialist recycling partners.

Reporting extends from the original assets into all waste streams and includes downstream certification of regulatory compliance.