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Data Destruction

Our data security solutions are designed to automate the execution of data destruction as an integral component of a managed process. For our clients data security is a zero-tolerance discipline – so if we say we’ve done it, we need to prove we’ve done it. 

                                             For the second consecutive year, The ITAD Works is positioned as an industry leader, certified with Distinction by the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance - ADISA

Every data destruction event is systematically recorded against the asset record - and then verified as a separate, independent operation. We provide our clients with a central security repository that evidences and verifies the final outcome of our actions. 

The ITAD Works security solutions cover all data-bearing devices not just assets with hard drives but networking, telecom and mobile technology too. 

Securing assets and data at every step 

  • Data destruction is verified by our central systems to maintains your audit trail on and off-site
  • Secure WEEE logistics means nothing gets lost on the way
  • Security cleared people and our closed logistics network guarantees accountability
  • Physical destruction populates a permanent security repository and invokes guaranteed indemnificaton
  • Shedding options extend to < 6mm using approved tools
  • Certified reporting provides you with the evidence you need to prove your compliance