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"Of the e-waste in developed countries that is sent for recycling, 80 per cent ends up being shipped (often illegally) to developing countries to be recycled by hundreds of thousands of informal workers. Such globalization of e-waste has adverse environmental and health implications"

Source: The global impact of e-waste author: Karin Lundrgen (International Labour Organization)

In a regulated European market it should be easy to make sure that your ITAD vendor won’t put your business at risk. In reality, enforcement of WEEE regulations happens after the event  -  often too late to protect your corporate image.

At The ITAD Works, we take a unique approach that delivers transparent and truly responsible e-waste management.

We recycle as little as possible, as it’s 20 times better for the environment to reuse electronics, and always produces better financial results.

The ITAD Works has established the industry’s highest standards for sustainable electronic recycling - standards that fully protect our customers and the environment.


The ITAD Works became the first E-Stewards® recycler certified in Europe in September 2010 for its U.K. processing centre.

E-Stewards® Certification

E-Stewards® is the first fully accredited, independently audited certification program designed to ensure that e-waste will be responsibly and accountably recycled — and not dumped in developing countries.

Working with e-Stewards® is an important advantage because the standard makes compliance mandatory and then enforces it through rigorous independent audits.