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WEEE Logistics

More than 95% of all equipment losses happen during the logistical process – many of them causing significant data breaches.

Our approach uses technology and automation to eliminate   variances and validate all logistical transactions.

All activities are systematically monitored through our central technology. At each stage key  information is authenticated to maintain a clear chain of custody.

When you need to remove WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) from your organisation there are two primary concerns: security and cost.

At The ITAD Works, we design WEEE Logistics with just the right security, at just the right price to safeguard your data.

A fully managed solution from pallet-based services to full pick, pack and palletise, our seasoned logistics teams will manage logistics efficiently.

By delivering this logistics service through our in-house closed-network, we can guarantee service quality at an affordable price.

We will be there when you need us.

  • Streams® web-portal includes work-order creation, tracking and reporting tools
  • On-line service requests make it easy to schedule a work-order at any time, from anywhere and track status in real-time
  • Systematic reconciliations make sure we’ve picked up everything we should and nothing we shouldn’t
  • Closed in-house logistics network strategically located to minimise shipping expenses and maximise security
  • Automated chain-of-custody so you know where every work-order is, at any time in the recycling process
  • Certified reporting of all work-orders and WTN's (Waste Transfer Notes), confirmed on-site and uploaded to the Client web-portal for verifiable proof

No one moves WEEE more securely and cost-effectively than The ITAD Works.