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Deployment Services

The ITAD Works Deployment Services help companies increase their control over the replacement of their technology hardware. Our just-in-time response integrating new and/or used equipment results in more efficient, lower-cost IT deployments that reduce costs for procurement, hardware maintenance and support. Services include:

  • Preparation and configuration
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • Secure Inventory and deployment




Preparation and configuration

The ITAD Works streamlines the management of new equipment into the lifecycle by receiving deliveries directly from your supplier, reconciling them against your order and preparing them for use. Services include asset tagging, image installation and kitting against a bill of materials to deliver the end-users entire technology needs at once. 



Repair and refurbishment

The ITAD Works will repair, refurbish and re-certify your IT hardware to near-new condition. Qualifying used equipment can be filtered into your deployment stock reducing capital expense and supporting your sustainability objectives.




Secure inventory and deployment

The ITAD Works provides a secure, flexible solution for continuous or temporary warehousing. All assets are tagged and tracked in a secure facility. On-line inventory management tools include reporting and a dedicated web-store.