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Engineering Services

The ITAD Works Engineering Services mean that you can save time, cut costs and reduce risk by working with just one trusted supplier to manage your entire IT lifecycle.

We will deliver, set-up and install your new IT equipment and also securely uninstall, move and re-position your used  technology according to your requirements.

Multiple activities can be easily out-tasked to streamline your operations, allowing your to focus on your core business requirements.... ITAD that Works.


  • Reduced costs - minimise touch-points, shorten timelines
  • On-demand - utilise our services only when you need them
  • Improved security  - on-site and in-transit, our data security services are hard-wired in
  • Increased R.O.I. -  using Engineering Services that have a vested interest in protecting your assets
Desktop services

Our engineering services integrate into our logistical services to deliver the highest standard for the secure installation, transportation and decommission of your desktop technology.

  • Moves and changes - installations, decommissions and logistics
  • Technology refresh - deploy, install, decommission, recover and disposition
  • Office, retail and facility closures - turnkey solutions for all equipment
  • On-site auditing  - technology-based services quickly verify the accuracy of your asset register
  • Software upgrades and refreshes
Data centre services

Whether you are performing a refresh or consolidating, redistributing or decommissioning your data centre, we work with you from the earliest stages to provide the right data centre services to meet your needs, including:

  • Graceful power-down in enterprise-server environments
  • Live equipment decommissions, moves and installations
  • Facility decommissioning and equipment appraisal
  • Onsite and in-transit security including warranted data erasure
  • Disposition services including redeployment, lease return, remarketing and recycling