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Secure Asset Tracking

70% of all data breaches result from the loss of data-bearing equipment.

The ITAD Works uses smart technology to automate the process and deliver complete transparency at every step

Our Secure Asset Tracking solution is designed to resolve the largest area of risk associated with Technical Logistics – hardware loss leading to data breach. Whether it’s one IT asset or thousands, having the peace of mind that they are secure and accounted for is critically important. 

  • Upload asset serial numbers through our on-line service requests
  • Cellular scanning captures asset detail to eliminate manual counting and transposition errors
  • Serialised reconciliation of the scanned inventory against the original service request — identifying variances before we leave site 
  • In-house teams, trained and tested in best-practice procedures, packaging and security standards, follow pre‐defined business rules for resolving discrepancies
  • Secure containers with tamper-evident seals and GPS tracking provide physical security throughout the process and preserve chain-of-custody
  • Closed logistics network provides security and ensures your data-bearing assets are always in our direct control
  • On-site erasure or destruction means you are indemnified at the point of execution

When a single inventory variance is too many, auditable asset tracking is essential.