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Technical Logistics

When you need to move valuable IT assets in your organisation there are two primary concerns: security and cost.

Whether you are moving from one location to another, re-locating around campus or decommissioning them for remarketing or recycling, the imperative is to safeguard hard drive data while preventing loss or physical damage that reduces asset value. And to do it as cost effectively as possible.

At The ITAD Works, we design Technical Logistics with just the right security, at just the right price to safeguard your assets. Our experienced teams will schedule, manage and execute logistics efficiently — for a single asset or truckloads.

By delivering this logistics service through our in-house closed-network, we can guarantee service quality at an affordable price

Reliable and accountable secure transportation of every type of IT asset, from desktop to data centre to mobile technology.  


  • Streams® web-portal - includes order and asset tracking, and reporting tools
  • On-line service requests - make it easy to schedule a work-order at any time, from anywhere and track status in real-time
  • Systematic reconciliations - make sure we’ve picked up everything we should and nothing we shouldn’t
  • Closed in-house logistics network - strategically located to minimise transportation expense and maximise security
  • Automated chain-of-custody - so you know where every asset is, at any time in the process
  • Detailed reporting of all assets - confirmed on-site and uploaded to Streams® for verifiable proof

    No one moves assets more securely and cost-effectively than The ITAD Works.