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Our Solutions

The ITAD Works solutions for new, used and retired technology help organisations move from fragmented, tactical management of surplus hardware to integrated, strategic IT Asset Disposition programmes.

Total cost of ownership

Our wide range of services allows us to consolidate activities that are often fragmented into one linear operation. Our lean supply model means we touch each asset less often and process it quicker.

Risk management

We use technology and process automation to control everything we do. We do this in such a secure way that we can show you where every asset is AND that it meets the requirements of your security policy.

Return on investment (R.O.I.)

Our job is to make sure your assets are never retired before they should be AND never kept longer than necessary – we provide the agility to ensure your hardware delivers its full value to you.

Sustainable computing

We guarantee your brand is protected with us. The data we collect can be re-purposed into shareholder reports that market their benefits against  social and environmental objectives.