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Return on Investment

Sustainable ROI

Implementation of mature IT Asset Disposition programs enables large organisations to reduce the number of surplus and idle IT assets in their estates AND increase significantly asset utilisation.

The adoption of a reuse program, as an integral element of IT Asset Disposition, should enable organisations to reuse of over 48% of all desktop equipment according to Gartner, yet many large organisations routinely fail to reuse more than 20% – 25% of their technology.

Additionally most organisations have more idle IT assets than they need - and few organisation can actually tall how many there are and where they are located.

Increased optimisation

Organisations can increase ROI by maximising the time each asset is in-use during its life.  

Every time an asset is out of use another asset is required to take its place. A managed program will deliver a lean service that frees up idle assets quickly and reduce the number of assets held in churn. 

The ITAD Works Asset Recovery service will capture all hardware assets as soon as they become surplus and deliver significant opportunity to increase ROI through optimisation and the deferral of procurement expense… ITAD that works

Streams(R) has built-in solutions that recognises qualifying assets and diverts them directly back into the control of your Asset Manager - increasing the time that each asset spends in-use during its life.

The lean model used by the ITAD Works reduces the time from decommission to redeployment meaning our clients can operate with less surplus assets in the estate without compromising business continuity.

Lifecycle extension

Extending IT asset lifecycles can generate big costs savings. For every £500 in original desktop cost, you can save: approximately £170 when you move from a three-year to a four-year lifecycle; nearly £250 when the lifecycle is extended to four and a half years; and £350 when you extend to five years.