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Risk Management

The protection of brand reputation and the preservation of customer trust is now driving board-level oversight for security conscious businesses.

We use the following methodology with our customers to build sustainable risk management programs for ITAD:-

Start with something you can measure

More than 80% of businesses have a security policy for the management of surplus hardware and have an asset register which holds detailed information that can be used to measure their suppliers accountability for asset security.

Our Secure Asset Tracking solution uses pre-determined business-rules and uploads asset register data to measure our compliance to your standards - from the moment we arrive at your location.

Consider all the vendors involved

Data-bearing assets are often handled outside of your direct control during mid-life and end-of-life operations. Often there are a number of vendors who are employed for specific parts of the process – decommission, transportation, storage, audit, repair, sanitisation and final disposition.

Our Reverse Logistics and Engineering Services mean that you can engage The ITAD Works to provide a single-supplier, closed-network solution for the entire process.

Make engineering and logistics accountable

90% of end-of-life data breaches are reported between decommission and receipt at the ITAD vendor. Decommission and reverse logistics should require reconciliation, checks and verifications at serial number level as assets are exchanged from one custodian to the next.

Our Reverse Logistics captures every transfer of custody and our Secure Asset Tracking verifies asset integrity at each step.

Implement management mechanisms

A mature security program should include an early-warning to escalate variances and put a stop to activities without the requirement for constant oversight. Key measurements should include logistical variances, inventory shrink and a correlation between hard drives and successful sanitisation.

Before we move from one step to another we systematically check the security status of each asset for variances and only proceed if it is safe to do so... ITAD Works