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Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a concept introduced by Gartner some years ago to encourage companies to consider the entire spectrum of expense associated with providing technology to the end-user.

At The ITAD Works we deliver significant improvements in TCO by focusing on the following key areas:

Lean supply

The ITAD Works lean asset management solution, Streams®, is designed to transition surplus and idle technology assets into reuse or retirement quickly and efficiently.

We define the optimal touches an asset requires to move from one stage of the lifecycle to another - balancing cost and value correctly.

Our intelligent systems automatically recognise whether assets should be reused, remarketed or recycled and deliver only the services required to successfully reach each end-point.

The linear model used by The ITAD Works reduces the time from decommission to re-deployment and releases retired technology assets earlier to achieve more value.

Service consolidation

With The ITAD Works you can manage hardware into and out of the lifecycle efficiently avoiding fragmented processes, multiple suppliers and unnecessary complexity, risk and cost.

We will prepare, deliver, install and personalise your new IT equipment. Then securely decommission, recover and prepare your old equipment for its next use - within one lean operation. 

When Lifecycle Services and Asset Recovery are combined you will experience up to 50% more assets transitioning into valuable reuse paths than using a fragmented approach where decommission, logistics and disposal are individual activities.

Transparent process control

Every service request we fulfill is governed by pre-determined rules to optimise your technology. We report the progress of every service request in real-time through automated communications that keep you in control.

The information captured and communicated influences client procurement planning and encourages utilisation of surplus assets over new technology.

All equipment - new, used and retired is streamed through a single linear solution that manages each item at a granular level to achieve the optimal result.

This granular approach to producing small improvements in performance delivers large results which are scalable and produce tangible value... ITAD that works